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35" - 38"

39" - 41"

42" - 45"

46" - 49"

50" - 52"

53" - 56"


29" - 31"

32" - 34"

35" - 37"

38" - 41"

42" - 44"

45" - 47"



 As found in the product description of the item you purchase, shipping can either take 4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks. This does not include time spent in transit. 

These are pre-orders so we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time frame.

Please note a further delay of 3-45 business days of processing time can ensue due to high demand


Fulfilment Status:

 Your order will state unfulfilled until a shipping label has been created for your order. Once this label has been created your order will state as fulfilled.


Customs & Export Fees:

 WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FEES required by customs for any reason. All shipping fees & taxes we require will be clearly shown to you alongside the service and estimated transit time upon checkout.


Return/ Exchange & Cancellation Policy:

 All Sales Are Final. Refunds are applicable only to damaged/defective goods or goods that were not received correctly. 

Please reach out to customer service if this is applies. 



 Route is a third party application, that allows customers to buy shipping insurance for all orders. Route ensures protection of customers shipment in case of lost, stolen, or damaged.

In order to apply for Route's Shipping Insurance, you are given the option to add the insurance during check out. If you add Route's Shipping Insurance to your cart at check out, you will receive an email with instructions of how to file a claim if necessary. You can also proceed to file a claim here. 

Lost Orders

  • An order is considered lost if tracking never confirms package status as "delivered"
  • If tracking shows no movement or looks to be stuck after exceeding the appropriate amount of shipping days, then orders may be considered lost and a claim will need to be made

How many days following the last tracking update should I file my claim?

  • Domestic orders - 7 days
  • International orders - 20 days 

Claims for orders lost in-transit must be filed no later than 30 days from the last available tracking update.

Stolen Orders

  • An order is considered stolen if tracking confirms package status as "delivered," but not received
  • Route asks that you wait 5 days from the day your package status was marked delivered before reaching out and filing your claim

Claims for stolen orders must be filed within 15 days from the date your package was marked delivered.

Damaged Orders

  • If your item arrives damaged, unusable, or in an unacceptable condition, Route encourages customers to file a claim immediately
  • Please include photo reference of damaged item and packaging received

Claims for damaged orders must be filed within 15 days from the date your package was marked delivered.

Visit route.com to learn more.




I just placed an order, can I cancel it?

 Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel an order once it has been submitted, as we cannot disrupt the workflow process fulfilled by our warehouse team. We strive to dispatch orders efficiently to meet the expectations of our valued clients.


I didn't receive a confirmation email, did my order go through?

 If you reached the confirmation page after purchase providing your order number and receipt then your order has gone through.

If you did not receive an order confirmation email then this means the wrong email was entered at checkout.

Please contact us with the email used, the first & last name associated with your order and the date your order was placed so we can resend your order confirmation.


Why was my credit card charged multiple times?

When you complete a checkout, your credit card company puts an authorization for the order amount on your card. This money has not been paid to our company, rather your card company has put a hold on it for you while you check out. If your address information fails to validate (maybe your shipping and billing addresses aren't the same), then your payment will be declined and your order will not be placed. Your credit card company will release the Authorization between 3-5 business days after it is made depending on your bank. If you attempt to checkout multiple times, your card will be authorized multiple times.


I haven’t receive a tracking number, when should I expect it?

Tracking information will be provided once your shipping label has been created. Please reference the specific item you purchased and the shipping time frame provided in that items product description, allowing also our further high demand delay found above.


My tracking information states it is still in pre shipment, when will it update?

Due to high demand and delayed order fulfillment due to covid. We may pre print your shipping label providing you tracking information. 

Please still allow for our regular shipping time frames and for your tracking information to update after this allotted time. 


Which shipping carrier will deliver my order?

Your order will be sent via USPS or Fedex. You will be notified of which once your shipping label has been produced and your tracking information has been sent to you via email.


I made more than one order. Can you combine them into one and refund the balance?

Orders are typically sent individually. Orders may be combined on our end to boost shipping times to ensure your orders are delivered in a timely matter, concurrent with our shipping time frames provided. Remaining shipping balances will be used to cover new shipping label and fulfillment costs.


My order states it has been partially fulfilled, when will the rest of my order ship?

Your order may be split shipped to ensure you receive said items as soon as possible. The item we split may be delayed and included in the 3-45 business day, high demand time frame. Please expect another email providing a new tracking number for this remaining item in this given time.


I entered the wrong address and or my address has changed since I placed my order, may I update it?

If your order has yet to ship. Please reach out to us via our contact section on our site, providing your order number and updated address you would like your order shipped to. If your order has already been shipped then please reach out to the shipping carrier to redirect your package. If your package is returned to us, please notify and provide us an updated address in which we will re ship your order to.


I emailed customer service, how long will it take them to respond?

Expect a response within 24-48 hours from our representatives. Please allow more time during new drops or the holiday season. Our representatives are available Monday-Friday.


Why have I not received my Digital Album?

As found in the product description, Digital Albums are for US customers only. If you did not receive your Digital download alongside your order confirmation. 

If this is not found in your inbox via spam or junk folders then please notify us via our contact form with your order number and email you would like your link resent to.